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Now-a-days Online Advertising Playing an Important Role Resulting Immediate Sale, this will give the Awarness of the Brand and also creates the products to Achieve Loyality.

Benefits you get :

  • Full fledged Description of Products  or Service offering in your Business listing in our Website.
  • You can promote video,Glarrey Ad, by Placing your  video in You Tube.
  • We Ensure to make your Advertisement as much creative & Impressive.
  • On demand, Data for click - thru made an Ad can be provided ( At additional Cost)

Features :

  • Adverting Effective Cost.
  • Reaches all Kinds of People in Wide Range.
  • Any New Offfers are Announcements.
  • Create Brand  awareness.
  • Create Impression World Wide.
  • Increases visitors to your  own side.
  • Template Page can be Linked to your Listing present in oursite.

Advertisement Cost :

We Offer Advertisement Oppurtunities on our Website which are Resonable cost as well as Effective for Promotion.Advertising cost Ranges from  in accordance to the type of advertisement format opted.Duration of Advertising Ranges from one Month to Tweleve Months. For Specific Advertising Rates and Other Information .Please Contact us