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Now-a-days Online Advertising Playing an Important Role Resulting Immediate Sale, this will give the Awarness of the Brand and also creates the products to Achieve Loyality.

Benefits you get :

  • Full fledged Description of Products  or Service offering in your Business listing in our Website.
  • You can promote video,Glarrey Ad, by Placing your  video in You Tube.
  • We Ensure to make your Advertisement as much creative & Impressive.
  • On demand, Data for click - thru made an Ad can be provided ( At additional Cost)

Features :

  • Adverting Effective Cost.
  • Reaches all Kinds of People in Wide Range.
  • Any New Offfers are Announcements.
  • Create Brand  awareness.
  • Create Impression World Wide.
  • Increases visitors to your  own side.
  • Template Page can be Linked to your Listing present in oursite.

Advertisement Cost :

We Offer Advertisement Oppurtunities on our Website which are Resonable cost as well as Effective for Promotion.Advertising cost Ranges from 365 -1500/- in accordance to the type of advertisement format opted.Duration of Advertising Ranges from one Month to Tweleve Months. For Specific Advertising Rates and Other Information .Please Contact us